Yoga etiquette

Yoga etiquette-01.png

Please note that:

  •  You are participating in Yoga and related classes offered by Svatma.
  •  You recognise that Yoga may require some physical activity and exercises and, are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved and that you will not make any claim whatsoever or claim refund of course fee under any circumstances from Svatma.
  •  You take full responsibility of your health and well-being in relation to Yoga and related classes and you confirm that you have the consent of your family doctor/ physician to undertake such classes.
  •  You hereby agree that Svatma and it’s teachers may at their sole discretion prohibit you from participating in the Yoga class and that you will comply with the same.
  •  You hereby agree that Yoga related practices should be done under expert supervision and guidance of qualified teachers and that you will be personally responsible in the event of any injuries or losses arising as a result of such injury while practising outside or at home without proper supervision.
  •  You agree that you will be responsible for all your personal belongings and vehicle while attending Yoga classes and shall not hold Svatma responsible for any personal belonging that is lost, stolen or damaged before, during or after the Yoga class.